About the Cast Iron Pot Blowhole

The cast iron cookware are kitchen supplies that our commonly used, but some friends are worried about the blowhole of the cast iron pot. Today we will fully understand why your cast iron pot will have blowhole. Here we summarize 5 points:

1. The sand grains in the cavity are not cleaned up.
2. Before pouring, the sand was invaded from the open places such as the ingate or riser.
3. The strength of sand mold is not enough, and it will fall off due to external force.
4. The lava is not continuous or the pouring speed is too slow, resulting in the sand particles in the cavity cannot float smoothly to the jurisdiction, but stay in a low temperature place.
5. The temperature is too high, and the pouring speed is too fast.

After more than ten years of development, Chef-Cookwares has formed advanced quality standards and production processes. On the one hand, we use high -purity raw materials to improve the cleanliness of iron water; on the other hand, we have experienced casting engineers to monitor and improve the casting process, thereby eliminating the cast iron pot.
Therefore, the surface of our pre-seasoned cast iron pot will be very smooth.


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About the Cast Iron Pot Blowhole