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Origin of Tagine Pot

A long time ago, in Morocco, North Africa, there was a serious shortage of water resources, and it was difficult for a clever woman to cook without “water”. One day, a young man named Ali Baba was walking in the Sahara Desert with a tall hat and a camel for several days. He found that

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How to Use and Care for Preseasoned Cast Iron Cookware

The use and care of Pre-seasoned cast iron cookware has always troubled many people, and once it is not well maintained, it will rust. Here are the steps for using preseasoned cookware for the first time. 1. First, use warm water and a soft brush to clean the pot body, and then proceed to the

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The Production Process of Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware is a common kitchen cooking item that you can easily buy on Amazon or Walmart. Below we will describe the production process of Chef-cookwares‘ enamelled cast iron pans. 1.Raw Materials The raw materials for of cast iron pots are mainly bread iron and some steel, which is smelted into molten iron in

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Where are you going camping?

The sky is blue, the sun is warm, and the most comfortable season of the year has come. Bring equipment for a long-planned camping, food and beer are essential things, listening to steak in the grill pan around the campfire, our enthusiasm is also ignited by the sparks of charcoal, laughing and singing. . .

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How to improve the rust resistance of cast iron cookware

Iron is easy to rust, so the cast iron cookwares are also easy to rust. In order to prevent the cast iron cookware from rusting, we usually pre-seasoned the cast iron blank or make an enamel coating. These are the most common coating for cast iron cookwares. However, if the pre-seasoned cast iron fry pan

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Advantages of cast iron cookwares

Cast iron cookware is the most common kitchen appliance because it has many advantages, as follows: The cast iron cookwares are made of gray iron, without chemical coating. They are healthier for the human body than chemial non-stick cookwares.   The enamel coating is uniform in color, bright and high-grade.   We use the best

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Adhesion Test of Cover Coating

The coating adhesion of the cast iron enamel pot is a very important parameter, which is related to the durability of the enamel pot. For the convenience of testing, we used a simple method to test the adhesion of surface enamel: We use a 210g ball and make it freely fall from a height of

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About the Cast Iron Pot Blowhole

The cast iron cookware are kitchen supplies that our commonly used, but some friends are worried about the blowhole of the cast iron pot. Today we will fully understand why your cast iron pot will have blowhole. Here we summarize 5 points: 1. The sand grains in the cavity are not cleaned up. 2. Before

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Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to you all! In Chinese culture, the rabbit represents wisdom and strength, as well as hard work and tenacity. At the same time, Chef-Cookwaresds wish you can accomplish your goals and achieve more brilliant achievements in the New Year. We will also do our best for each of your cast iron

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