How to improve the rust resistance of cast iron cookware

Iron is easy to rust, so the cast iron cookwares are also easy to rust. In order to prevent the cast iron cookware from rusting, we usually pre-seasoned the cast iron blank or make an enamel coating. These are the most common coating for cast iron cookwares.

However, if the pre-seasoned cast iron fry pan is not properly maintained, it is easy to rust. In recent years, there has been a new technology – super pre-seasoned coating. It means the cast iron blank is nitrided first and then pre-seasoned. In this way, the rust resistance of the cast iron pan will be greatly enhanced.

What is nitriding treatment:
Nitriding treatment refers to a chemical heat treatment process in which nitrogen atoms penetrate into the surface of the workpiece in a healthy medium at a certain temperature. Nitrided products have excellent wear resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

How to Nitrid a Cast Iron Pan:
Usually, we put the cast iron blank into the nitriding furnace according to a certain density. After 8-9 hours of nitriding treatment, we will get the nitrided blank . At this time, there will be a certain amount of iron filings on the surface of the blank, which needs to be cleaned with a vibrating grinder
After pre-seasoning the clean blanks we will produce the nitrided pre-seasoned cookware, which is greatly enhanced in rust resistance.

Vibrating Grinder                                      Nitriding furnace

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How to improve the rust resistance of cast iron cookware