Lighter & Smoother cast iron pot

The cast iron pot is an indispensable cooking utensils for kitchen, and it is often used for outdoor barbecue because it can help us process delicious food. But the weight of the cast iron pot is also a concern for some people.

Today we launched Lighter & Smoother Cast Iron Pot to satisfy these people. We apply the mature driving process to the cast iron pot and skillet. At first, we design different fixed sets for each pot  to stabilize the cast iron pot during the turning process. With the rotation of the lathe and the moving of the tool, we will cut off a layer of iron in the surface of cast iron pot , making it smoother and reducing its weight. As shown below:

Lighter & Smoother cast iron pot

After cutting the cast iron pot, it not only maintains the original advantages of the cast iron pot. The surface is smoother and the weight is reduced than the original pot. It is also better for non-stickiness during cooking. It is purely physically, without additional chemical non-stick coating.

On the other hand, the cost has also increased the cost, so the price of smooth cast iron pot is relatively higher.

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Lighter & Smoother cast iron pot