How to season a cast iron fry pan

The seasoning cast iron fry pan we received have completed the seasoned process before leaving the factory. How does a good cast iron cookware complete the pre-seasoned work? The proceed as follows:

  1. Workers need to screen the cast iron blanks after polished and eliminate unqualified roughat first.
  2. Spray a layer of vegetable oil (mostly soybean oil) on the surface of the cast iron blank, and then the pre-seasonedcast iron cookwareswill be obtained through the high temperature baking of the vegetable oil production line.

Moreover, there are also requirements for the placement of the pot during the baking process. If the placement is not right, the remaining oil is easy to leave traces, resulting in unqualified products.

  1. Workers will be packed it after inspection.


When we receive the cast iron fry pan, we need to seasoning the pan at the first time. The steps as follows:

  1. Wash the pot and roast it with fire or oven.
  2. Apply a piece of fat or cooking oil on the surface of the pan evenly. By the way, applying vegetable oil with a silicone oil brush is relatively convenient. And the vegetable oil can be selected according to your preference.
  3. Bake the pot with small fire or oven to get a perfect pre -seasonedcast iron pot.

People who often use pre-seasoned cast iron cookware will find that our pan will rust after a period of time. Don’t worry it. We only need to repeat the above steps to restore it.

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How to season a cast iron fry pan