Advantages of cast iron cookwares

Cast iron cookware is the most common kitchen appliance because it has many advantages, as follows:

The cast iron cookwares are made of gray iron, without chemical coating. They are healthier for the human body than chemial non-stick cookwares.


The enamel coating is uniform in color, bright and high-grade.


We use the best glaze in the world. It has strong adhesion and diffcult to fall off, protects the surface of the iron.


A variety of styles and sizes are available to meet the different occasions, such as families, outdoor camping and restaurants.


The cast iron cookwares can be customized according to customer requirements, such as size, shape, color, accessories etc..


A variety of stoves are applicable, such as ovens, electric stoves, gas stoves, electric ceramic stoves, induction stoves, halogen stoves, outdoor open flames, etc. But the Microwave ovens are not available.


Keep the original taste of the food, because the material density is high and the lid is heavy, so the steam is not easy to lose. we do not need to add more water during the stewing process.


High practicality. Cast iron pan is made by melting and casting iron, heat transfer is slow but uniform, suitable for frying, stewing, popping, grill, and baking various foods.


Constant temperature and heat preservation. The cast iron pot has a good heat preservation effect. Even if the fire is small, it can still keep the pot boiling. After turning off the fire, it can also keep warm for a long time.


During the cooking process, iron ion is incorporated into the vegetable juice, which is easier for the body to absorb.


After using for a period of time, the food grease will gradually penetrate into the iron to form a non-stick layer on the surface.

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Advantages of cast iron cookwares