How to Use and Care for Preseasoned Cast Iron Cookware

The use and care of Pre-seasoned cast iron cookware has always troubled many people, and once it is not well maintained, it will rust. Here are the steps for using preseasoned cookware for the first time.

1. First, use warm water and a soft brush to clean the pot body, and then proceed to the next step immediately to prevent rust.

2. Dry the cleaned pot on a heat source and prepare some fat (or vegetable oil) with the skin on. Turn to low heat, then rub every part of the pan with the fat, and take it out when the fat is dry.

3. Pour off the remaining oil, repeat the second and third steps 3-4 times, and finally wash the pot with warm water and dry it on the fire, drop two drops of vegetable oil and dry it on a low fire.

The above is about the use and maintenance of vegetable oil coated cast iron cookware, now you can try to maintain your cast iron fry pan.

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How to Use and Care for Preseasoned Cast Iron Cookware