Origin of Tagine Pot

A long time ago, in Morocco, North Africa, there was a serious shortage of water resources, and it was difficult for a clever woman to cook without “water”. One day, a young man named Ali Baba was walking in the Sahara Desert with a tall hat and a camel for several days. He found that water droplets dripped on the top of his head sometimes. He wondered for a few days: Where do the water droplets come from?  Later, I realized it was not the water that fell from the sky, but my own sweat! Ali Baba had an idea, took off his hat, and put it on the cooking pot. The water does not evaporate, but collects on the top of the hat and then falls back into the food.

That’s how the tagine pot was invented.

Later, the tagine pot became popular all over the world, due to its convenient use. And it was used by many lazy people to “cook it in one pot”.

The special feature of the tagine pot is that it can be cooked with less water because a pointed-cap lid. This is an idea only found in Morocco, where water resources are extremely precious. The improved tagine can be baked directly. And the ingredients are not limited to Moroccan cuisine, all kinds of food such as Chinese cuisine or Asian cuisine can be used to cook delicious dishes!

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Origin of Tagine Pot